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GoddessGo™ BreastPump

GoddessGo™ BreastPump

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Painless to pump like a baby mouth

Time to take a fresh look at wearable breast pumps, because a radical change is going on with our “Baby Mouth” breast pump which has found a precise horizontal pumping angle, the exact angle just like the suckling angle from a baby instead of an upward or downward rough nipple-pulling, which can not only realize painless pumping but also intrigue more letdown. Another new twist is made by our vibrate-to-pump mode which can loosen the ducts at the same time when pumping, so as to promise an absolutely smooth pump-out and downright drain-up every time. Aim higher for a wearable breast pump, just like we have always done!


12 adjustable suction levels
4 Modes: Massage/Expression/Mixed/Suction
Power Dimensions: 128mm X 117mm X 74mm
Pump Weight: 262g
Flange Size: 24mm
Bottle Capacity: >210ml
Usage Time: 100-120 minutes
Shut Time: 30 minutes auto shut off
Charge Time: about 2 hours, power adapter must be 5V-1A
Silent: the noise of the motor is controlled under 50dB

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Pump a new horizontal angle

Want suckling, no pulling!

One of a kind, it’s the angle that has never been applied on a breast pump! Rather than rough pulling the nipples upward or downward, this “Baby Mouth” pumps the nipples at a horizontal angle just like a baby’s suckling, which can not only cut the pain to the least but also intrigue the body to produce more milk. Babies and moms are meant to be for each other naturally, we borrow the magic for this pump!

One more mixed mode

Vibrate to pump faster

It’s not your fault that you always pump a little or do not drain up the milk every time, you only need a milk-ducts sweeper. With one more mixed mode which can vibrate at the same time to loosen the ducts when pumping, you can get more milk at a faster speed and drain it up every time to prevent mastitis or engorgement. 4 modes & 12 levels for choices, what’s not to like?

All-in-one design

Cut the motor, cut 1/3 the size

Pump the lightest choice, with our all-in-one design which weighs only 230g at 2/3 size of normal pumps! No eye-salute paid, no situation restriction, you can even feel the ease during a job meeting among people. Of course, we know it brings no-wire-tangle and no-wall-restriction convenience, only we make the hassle-free experience lighter and lighter, until not being felt.

Effortless Motherhood

On-the-Go Freedom

Compact, portable, and rechargeable – our Breast Pump is your ticket to freedom! Pump anytime, anywhere, without compromising your active lifestyle. Slip it into your bag, and you're ready to conquer the world while nourishing your little one.


We Love Questions

How to disassemble the BreastPump?

1. Separate pump motor from main body.

2. Detach flange from milk collector.

3. Separate linker from milk collector.

4. Disassemble the linker.

Can I breastfeed on one side and pump on the other?

Yes. The all-in-one design of the Wearable Breast Pump makes it so you can pump while you breastfeed your baby because there are no external cords, tubes, or dangling bottles to get in the way.

Can I move around while I pump?

Absolutely! The Wearable BreastPump lets you move how you want to while you pump. The Wearable Breast Pump tucks into your bra so you can pump while you walk, multi-task, lean back, or relax. This makes everyday things like making breakfast or playing with your toddler totally doable. What you do while you pump is finally up to you.

Can I adjust the suction?

You sure can. The BreastPump has 12 different suction levels so you can easily adjust the suction to your own milk flow and pumping needs.


When traveling, please use the charging cable provided and adjust it to the right power source for youe current location. Before aboard the plane, please consult the airline for advice about carrying or using this pump on the place first.

Temperature: -20 to 60°C/-4 to 140°F
Relative Humidty: 15% -90%
Ambient Pressure: 90 to 106kPa

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority

We make sure you are happy with your new product, you will love it, but in case you don't, you can simply return it within 90 days and we will give you a full refund its that simple.